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A 12 week online I.T. boot camp. No Coding? No kidding.

twelve weeks of class one night a week 

Quality Assurance Analyst

Business Analyst

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What roles do we train you for?

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Quality Assurance Analyst

Scrum Master

We cross train you for three common roles in I.T. that work before, along side, or after developers do their work. Learning all three roles sets you up to be a valuable project asset having the ability to fill the gap wherever the teams needs you. These are the best entry point into I.T. without coding, they also lead to future roles such as Project Manager and Product Owner

A Business Analyst is a project team member who works with the Business and the technical teams to help translate between the two groups. If an I.T. project was compared to building a house, the B.A. would be the one creating the blueprint.
A Quality Assurance Analyst is a project team member who uses the website or application after the developer is done coding to check for bugs or issues. If an I.T. project was compared to building a house, the Q.A. would be the final inspector.
A Scrum Master is a project team member who helps manage and guide the day to day development practices and processes. If an I.T. project was compared to building a house, the SM would be the foreman overseeing the construction.

Business Analyst

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What's next? Let's chat.


Interested in joining our program and pursuing a career in I.T.? Fill out the form below, after you'll be taken to a portal to answer all of your questions.


Are you a company in need of actual I.T. talent solutions? check us out at which connects you with our students, alumni, and also with our create your own I.T. talent pipeline program! An internal Bootcamp talent solution.

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Whether you’re a candidate looking to change your career, a company looking to hire or upskill your current team, or you simply share our passion for helping the next in line...we'd love to connect with you. 

Different Than Other Bootcamps

You won't write a single line of code. No kidding! No technical experience required. 

The I.T. Bootcamp is a 12 week program with classes one night a week. What about after the 12 weeks? We don't abandon you after training like other Bootcamps.

Off hours and remote learning. You don't have to quit your job until you have a new one! 

What Happens Next

1. Fill out the form below to apply and find out more information on dates, cost, etc.


2. We will setup time to answer your questions and for an initial meet and greet


3. Record and submit a formal application video 

4. If accepted, you'll get an email with access to the classroom and pre-assignments! 


The Bootcamp

Congrats! Once you're an I.T. professional we still want to be a part of your career!

We provide a Big / Little program through our Alumni Association which promotes the Social and Networking side of I.T.

You'll retain access to our ever growing Bootcamp network of professors, alumni, sponsors, material, and like minded individuals to ensure you are always ahead of the market!


Bootcamp Students & Grads

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Bridget C.

Project Management / Process Improvement/ Agile

Matthew S.

Business Analyst

Harley L.

Business Analyst

Amanda A.

QA Analyst

Shelby Degarmo

Business Development Manager

Katie Garcia

Available: Business Analyst/ Quality Assurance Analyst

Adam K.

Product Manager

Courtney M.

Digital Content Specialist

Ann M.

IT Project Analyst

Cody B.

QA Analyst

Sara Sokolowski

Available: Business Analyst

Sean A. Craig

Available: Business Analyst/ Scrum Master

Bri F.

Product Owner

Kevin B.

Contract Quality Engineer

Jon P.

Scrum Master & Jr Project Manager

Colleen C.

Business Analyst

Taylor Hamms

Available: Business Analyst

Rosanna S.

Business Analyst

Josh N.

Scrum Master

Josh B.

Software Quality Assurance

Kelly T.

Business Analyst

Seona Ames

Available: Business Analyst/Scrum Master







Bridget C | Abercrombie & Fitch

"The Bootcamp has allowed me to excel at my first IT position, and every position since then, having been given the knowledge & tools I needed to succeed."