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Step 2 - Enroll & Onboard

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Welcome to our comprehensive onboarding program, designed to equip you with essential skills spanning various tools & professional development. This onboarding experience is tailored to foster interactive learning, collaboration, and hands-on exploration. The topics chosen here are incredibly essential, please take time to master them. Here's how to approach your onboarding journey: Dive into the tutorials and videos on the essential tools. Take meticulous notes during tutorials to reinforce your understanding of key concepts and functionalities across different platforms. Apply your knowledge by actively practicing on each platform. You will get access to an ITBC Email once we get closer to class, however, for these tutorials we encourage you create your own personal Gmail account and use Google Sign In for all of these apps. When trying these apps out, simple search "App Name Login" in google to find the correct URL to create a new account at. Utilize our group discussion boards and posts on the website to collaborate, share insights, and investigate these topics together. Embrace the spirit of continuous learning. Explore advanced features, experiment with different settings, and seek out new tutorials to expand your skills. We encourage you to explore, innovate, and create. Use these tools not just for learning, but to enhance your projects, collaborate with peers, and boost your productivity.


2) ITBC Enrollment Fee, $599.00 + $19.99 Website Payment Processing Fee


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